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Briese Yellow Cube 1600 E 1/16

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Briese Yellow Cube 1600 E 1/16
Briese Yellow Cube 1600 E 1/16
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The Briese Yellow Cube 1600 E 1/16 with 1600ws is reliable, has a short flash duration (up to 1/5555 sec) and a high repeat accuracy. This generator is adjustable in 1/4 steps over a 6f-stops range. The Yellow Cube series from Briese has 2 lamp outputs and is adjustable in 1/4 steps via 6 f-stops. They are known for their fast recharging. The devices are very robust and resilient. The lamp outputs can be operated in parallel, whereby the 25% channel outputs 2 f-stops less power than the 100% channel. The modelling lamp can be controlled separately from the flash. On the 25% channel, you can still operate the modelling lamp in 100% (650W) to have enough modelling light for focusing. A photocell is built-in. Sync sockets are 6,3mm. Adjustable recharging time to protect the fuses in locations with weak electricity network.

  • 1600 WS
  • flash duration 1/5555
Detail Value
Built in Radioremote No
Min. Lightoutput (WS) 25
Max. Lightoutput (WS) 1600
Modlighttype Halogen
Exposure Range 6
Power Supply 230V Supply
Lightshaper mount Briese

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