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Welcome to our creative list!

Since we know many of you are always on a hunt for crew, good services and nice places to visit, we decided to try and help YOU! Our creative list features Photographers & Assistance, Photographers Agents & Associations, Production Companies, Studios & Locations, Post Production Companies, Digital Operators, Labs & Special Effects, Model Agencies, Hair & Makeup and Styling professionals, Advertising Agencies to help power your production, as well as Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels and Caterers plus a general city guide. Just select one of our locations to browse through the offered categories. Have fun shooting and don´t forget to check out our local shop for a coffee and more information.

How get listed with 711rent?

You like our creative list and would like to get listed? Just get in touch with your local 711rent shop and provide us with your information a short description and a landscape picture related to you. We will review your request and list you for free! It would be great if you could also mention us on your website.

Guidelines for our Creative list: 711rent does not supply assistants. All communication and bookings will be made directly with the person contacting you. Appearing on this site does not guarantee work it is merely a portal to promote yourself. 711rent cannot be held responsible for any problems that arise with regard to bookings and payments. Personal details such as phone number, email address will be viewable in the public domain. We cannot be held responsible for any misuse of your details. 711rent reserves the right to exclude entries should we feel it is against our interest. We also reserve the right to take down the creative list at any point. Editing or removing your information can be carried out by contacting your local 711rent shop