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Terms & Conditions

1. The rent of the equipment is according to the amounts in the pricelist. All prices in the list are excluding tax. A reservation on a valid creditcard with an amount of at least € 500 is obligated at first time rent. The customer is obliged to give a copy of his/her valid ID/passport.

2. The rate of renting is for the period of 24 hours. This is the shortest possible time for renting.

3. The full amount is indebted even if it is not used outside the arranged time.

4. When the rented item is not returned according to the arranged time. For every day the rental is delayed, we will bill the customer for a day, otherwise 711rent is obligated to charge an additonal compensation.

5. Time discount:

                       From   7 days Rent:                                               -25%

                       From 10 days Rent:                                               -30%

                       From 14 days Rent:                                               -40% 

                       From 21 days Rent:                                               -50% 

                       From 30 days Rent:                                               -55% 

                       From friday 5PM to monday 10AM         =         1,5 days

6. When the rented materials are not picked up according to the agreements without giving notice it will result in one full rental day billed.

7. The client has the responsibility to check the object/s being rented at the delivery, provided that the tenant is in rightful merchant status we remark the tenant to § 377 GCC. If while the period of rent a damage or defect of the rented object/s occurs and is registered by the tenant 711rent has to be informed immediately. If there is a damage or defect in relation to the rented object/s 711rent will conditionally to the availability give out another object/s to the tenant.

The tenant is also liable to use the rented object/s in accordance with the regulations and also in careful and damage-free manner. If there is damage or defect to the rented object/s the tenant has to give evidence that the damage or defect was already present at the point of delivery, or could not be registered while checking the object/s being rented in accordance with the regulations or that the default, or damage occurred while the usage of the rented object/s without the influence of the tenant and through that without his fault.

 In case the rental equipment should be delivered by third parties the tenant bears the responsibility of the risks of transportation.

8. For direct or indirect damage caused by refusal of the rented equipment and perhaps resulting in damaged materials, 711rent will then; in any case; not hold responsibility.

9. 711rent will be in all time the owner of the rented equipment. Leasing, selling or giving it to third parties is forbidden.

10. In case of a dispute between 711rent and the customer, the dispute will take place under the judiciary of the department of Hamburg.

11. In case of damaged equipment the customer has to pay an excess up to 350 €. Excluded theft and neglect.

12. Our flashgenerators can only be used with a Progas2 or with a by us accepted gap voltage stabilised emergency power generator. Please call us for the up to date list. High tension damage will not be covered by insurance!

13. Damage that is demonstrable caused by moisture, is not insured.

14. Rented vehicles are excluded from time discounts. Please consult offers for long term rentals. 711rent is obligated to make a copy of the driver’s valid drivers license at pickup.

15. The excess per damage case for the vehicles is € 630.