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Briese Modul Focus 220 Flash

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Briese  Modul Focus 220 Flash
Briese  Modul Focus 220 Flash
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The Briese 220 is the perfect lamp for use in a studio or big location. Good for portrait and full-length fashion. The focus can be adjusted from flood to spot and will create a beautiful light. All Briese modules can also be used with tungsten or daylight lampheads. The maximum wattage possible is dependent on the Size of the Umbrella. Note that you need a location with sufficient ceiling height. For the Briese 220 there is an optional honeycomb.

  • included:
  • Flash Head
  • Flash Tube
  • Tubus
  • 2 Diffusor
  • Umbrella Mount
Detail Value
Lightshapertype Focusable Umbrella
Max. Wattage (W) 650
Light emitting area (sqm) 3.801
Modlighttype Halogen
Lightshaper mount Briese

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