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Briese Modul Focus 180 Flash

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Briese  Modul Focus 180 Flash
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The Briese 180 is the perfect lamp for use in a studio or big location. Good for portrait and full length fashion. The focus can be adjusted from flood to spot and will create a beautiful light. All Briese modules can also be used with tungsten or daylight lampheads. The maximum wattage possible is dependent on the Size of the Umbrella. Due to its size, you can also take good pictures standing in front of the umbrella. We also offer a honeycomb for the Briese 180.

  • included:
  • Flash Head
  • Flash Tube
  • Tubus
  • 2 Diffusor
  • Umbrella Mount
Detail Value
Lightshapertype Focusable Umbrella
Max. Wattage (W) 650
Light emitting area (sqm) 2.545
Modlighttype Halogen
Lightshaper mount Briese

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