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Wattsun Power Pack (extensión bateria wattsun)

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Wattsun Power Pack (extensión bateria wattsun)
Wattsun Power Pack (extensión bateria wattsun)
Wattsun Power Pack (extensión bateria wattsun)
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Nuestro Wattsun Power Pack es la extensión de nuestro Wattsun Dock. El paquete aumenta la capacidad de la base en 1600 Wh (junto con una base de 3000 Wh de capacidad). El pack tarda 5 horas en cargarse por completo. Solo puede usarse junto con Wattsun Dock. El paquete viene con un cargador. Puede utilizar hasta 3 Wattsun Power pack extension bateria en una base (Dock) y la capacidad máxima teórica aumenta hasta 6200 Wh. También ofrecemos un kit de Wattsun que incluye la base(dock) y el Wattsun Power pack extension bateria. Aquí hay algunos ejemplos duracion para el uso de 1x Dock y 1x Pack: Dock y Pack Arri S120 400W 6H Dock y Pack Arri M18 2200W 1H Dock y Pack Arri Orbiter. 400W 6H Docky Pack Arrlite 2000W 1H 50Min

  • Plug & Play
  • Fast, easy and reliable
  • Provides stable AC current and quiet 230V power.
  • A zero-emissions power supply.
  • No fuel costs or odors.
  • A stackable modular system
  • Compact, portable and safe to use.
  • Little to no maintenance.
  • For inside and outside use.
  • During use, energy is used sustainably and efficiently.
  • Everybody on the set, without technical knowledge can install the Wattsun.
  • A mobile power supply to power all wide range of tools; flash light (Profoto, Pro 8A), lights (ARRI
  • 1200, 1800), smoke machine, mask mirror, coffee machine and laptop.
  • Flexible in capacity, stack up as much energy you need.
  • Quiet. This means no more inconvenience to the environment and the user.
  • You have clean electricity available on every location.
  • Easy handling and maintenance, just clean and charge.
  • Portable and compact.
  • No more emissions of CO2, nitrogen and particulate matter.
  • No more use of diesel. Saves time, money.
  • No more meters of cables needed, because you can place the Wattsun close by.
Detail Value
Capacity (Wh) 1600
Recharge Time (h) 5
Max. Output (W) 2000

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