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DJI RS2 Pro Combo

The new Gimbal for up to 4,5KG

DJI has upgraded their small Ronin gibal. The "RS2" is improved in payload and much more friendly for balancing and mounting the Camera. The Gimbal features built-in cabling for remote operation of the camera, HMDi signal transfer, and control of the focus motor. The "DJI RS2 Pro Combo" comes with the "raven eye" HDMI transmitter, a follow-focus motor and gear ring, a holder for a mobile phone, and a "Briefcase" adapter. The Raveneye will transmit the recorded picture to the mobile device, so controlling the frame is easy to do. All axis have a lock switch and can be adjusted in an intuitive and easy way. Set up is fast and can be done without too much prior knowledge. We´ll also be pleased to introduce you to the setup procedure. The DJI ronin app is helpful to finetune the Gimbaluse, but also, operation using the touchscreen is convenient. A Set of HDMI and USBC cables and a USB-C charger is also part of our set. All is packed in a small soft case.

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