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Generador Honda 2kW 20i

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Generador Honda 2kW 20i
45,00 €
Precio por día (IVA no Incluido).

Puedes usar nuestros generadores para dar corriente a diferentes sets. Si deseas usar flash, ten en cuenta que siempre necesitarás utilizar el Progas 2 entre el generador de electricidad y el generador de flash.

  • Oil alert- prevents damage to your engine by automaticvally shutting down if oil drops below a safe operating level
  • DC output - gives up to 12A for battery charging
  • Lightweight - easy to transport and store
  • Eco-throttle™ - automatically adjusts the engine speed tp precisely match the load; saves fuel, extendes engine life and contributes to quieter working operation.
  • Lightweight quiet portable generator with a 2000 watt output

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