711Easy Studio Set M

Introducing our Easy Studio Set for Webshop/-photography!

Check out our Easy Studio Set M.
Selected by professionals to make anyone shoot their products for webshop.
Easy Set up and use. No postproduction needed- you can do the pictures ready to upload. Only change the picture Size and use them. The Air sync transmitter works with any camera with a hotshoe. Also cameras with a pc outlet for flashes are supported via the syncrocable. This setup is made for pictures in front of a white background.
The area you need to work should be abeout 3x5m. Ceiling height should be at least 2,6m. Refer to our "howto Set up" video (linked in the pictures above). The sample pictures have only been cutted to fit but not changed in photoshop. The set can be easy modified to achieve different looks. If you don´t own a camera you can rent one from us. We´re pleased to help and advice you to also create different looks with the components of the set.
This set has special pricing:

1 day: 175€
3 days: 210€
7 days 265€

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