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711 Easy Studio Sets!

Take professional Pictures easy at home!

The 711Easy Studio sets are put together and tested by professionals to enable anyone to achieve perfect photos in a fast and easy manner. This is our product picture set for Apple mobile phones. I use the Profoto B10 and B10 Plus, and you can easily adjust any light and camera setting in the Profoto app.
We have the following special prices for this set:
1 day: 99€
3 days: 175€
7 days: 210€

The Android Version is available, but the Camera feature will be updated.
The set is perfect for small items like bottles, watches, shoes, small handbags i.g.
The Profoto app can be set to JPG and RAW output, so you can adjust the finetuning on your mobile and upload it straight from there. The sample pictures have only been changed in brightness, in general, a bit. Apart from the high key option, you can use any background color you have. Also, Black with the second light as a backlight on the Item works fine. The Space you need to set up is approximately 2x3,5m. We used a plain white wall for the sample pictures. The white "Kappaboard," which comes with the set, is ideal for creating a product picture for a webshop.