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Dedolight Set 3x150W 24V Set in case

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Dedolight Set 3x150W 24V Set in case
55,00 €
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Dedolight Set 3x150W 24V Set in case includes 3 DLH 4 heads with double aspherical optics with light output comparable to 500w stages. Included are small, lightweight stands, lamp cable extensions, a ballast and projection attachment.

  • Quantity: Set includes 3 lights
  • Power: Each light is 150 watts
  • Voltage: Operates at 24 volts
  • Light Type: Typically uses halogen bulbs
  • Beam Control: Precise beam control with Dedolight's patented optics
  • Color Temperature: Consistent color temperature output
  • Mounting: Often equipped with versatile mounting options
  • Dimming: Compatible with dimming systems for adjusting light intensity
Detail Value
Highspeed Capability No
Power (W) 450
Powersupply (A) Household 16AH
Power Supply Battery Powered
Kelvin minimal 3200
IP Rating IP54
Kelvin maximal 3200

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