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Iron Glass Cine MIR-1V MKII 37mm T 2.9 PL

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Iron Glass Cine MIR-1V MKII 37mm T 2.9 PL
Iron Glass Cine MIR-1V MKII 37mm T 2.9 PL
75,00 €
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Our IRON GLASS Cine MIR-1V 37mm F 2.8 PL is an old Sowjet Lens rehoused by IRON GLASS. It features a metallic 0.8 gear for focus and aperture. Very well suitable for full frame format. See here what IRON GLASS writes about this lens: MIR-1V 37mm F2.8 is a very popular wide/mid-range lens. It’s closely based on Zeiss Flektogon equivalent. It’s a favourite lens of many thanks to its incredible flares. From the factory this lens has one big downside: the closest focusing distance of just 0.70m making it somewhat unusable for capturing proper close-ups, but we’ve improved the closest focusing distance to 0.57m as part of this rehousing, making it much more usable for close ups without compromising on image quality.

  • Specification:
  • Sensor Coverage: 24×36 mm Full Frame
  • PL Mount
  • Metric scale
  • Focal length: 37mm
  • Front diameter: 95mm
  • Filter size: 92mm
  • Aperture: 1:2,8
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 0.57 meters
  • Focus ring rotates: 270° degrees
  • Viewing angle (FF): 60° degrees
  • Diaphragm scale: from 2,8 to 16
  • Aperture blades: 8
  • Modul Focus &amp; Iris gears: 0.8(32pitch)
  • Weight: 500 gr.
Detail Value
Aperture 2.8
Min. Focal Length (mm) 37
Max. Focal Length (mm) 37
Front Diameter (mm) 95
Closest Focuspoint (m) 0,57
Image Circle FF
Lens Mount PL
Focal Length (mm) 37 - 37