Induro Ball Head BHL 3 (max. 40kg)

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Induro Ball Head BHL 3 (max. 40kg)
10,00 €
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The Induro Ball Head BHL 3 is a ballhead with an extremely high load capacity! The head is built very flat. It features separate controls for ball locking, pan-base locking, and tension to provide precise and reliable control over camera positioning. With its all-weather grip, the oversized knob enables extremely strong ball locking, which makes possible the head's remarkable load capacity of 40kg. To accommodate different load sizes, an independent tension dial is integrated into the ball-locking knob.

Detail Value
Suggested usage Photo
Headtype Ballhead
max payload (KG) 25
Mountype (Head to Tripod) 3/8 zoll
Camera mounting type Arca type