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Fog machine Scotty II basic Set

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Fog machine Scotty II basic Set
40,00 €
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The Smoke Factory Scotty II is a small handy fog machine, equipped with a 12 V lead gel battery for 400 watts of fog power. The Fog machine Scotty II is a battery-powred fog machine. No warming time required to start the operation. The permanent temperature control on the microprocessors ensures that the evaporation temperature is always correct. The battery lasts for 10 min continuous fog or 150 fog shocks of 5 seconds each.

  • Extremely compact fogging machine
  • Independent of mains supply, operation possible without preheating
  • Single hand operation
  • Volume regulation
  • Power: 400W
  • Battery: 12 V/12 Ah
  • Heating time: 1 Second
  • Fog time with full battery: ~10 min continuous fogging or 150 fog pulses of 5 sec each.
  • fluid consumption: ~10 ml/min. (max. Output)
  • Triggered by button, analogue signal, radio (optional) or DMX (optional)
Detail Value
Power (W) 400
Fluid Consumption (ml/min) 10
Heating Time 0
Suspense Battery Powered