EcoFlow River Pro 600

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EcoFlow River Pro 600
EcoFlow River Pro 600
EcoFlow River Pro 600
EcoFlow River Pro 600
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Eco Flow River Pro is another of our electric generators that are easy to transport and perfect to become the power source of your digital station anywhere. In addition, this type of electric generator works very well and gives great autonomy to the LED light systems with which we work. Arri Skypanels, Orbiter, Aptures. This generator offers us 2 pure sine wave AC outputs of 600 W, being able to power up to 10 devices simultaneously and a battery capacity of 720 Wh. All in all, this generator becomes a portable power source for on-the-go adventures. Add an additional RIVER Pro battery to double the capacity from 720Wh to 1440Wh. This is ideal for situations like travel, camping, or group outdoor activities where you need more power for more devices. However, you can power some devices up to 1800W with X-Boost mode enabled, allowing you to power around 80% of some devices like kitchen appliances and DIY tools. Please use devices below 1200W for the best use of the product. Patented EcoFlow X-Stream technology allows you to charge the RIVER Pro from 0% to 80% in one hour and delivers a full charge in just 1.6 hours.

  • Perfect for Emergency, Home Backup, Disaster Relief, and Medical Devices
  • Professional uninterrupted power for DIY, Film/Photography, and Event Production
  • 10 Outputs AC, USB-A, USB-C, and Car Power
  • With EcoFlow's patented X-Stream Technology, the smart inverter enables a fast recharge ability that takes less than 1 hour to charge from 0% to 80%, and it gets fully charged in 1.6 hours
  • Handy Control with EcoFlow App
  • Cycle Life: 500+ Cycles (80%)
  • Discharge Temperature: -4 to 140 Degree F +/-5 Degree F (-20 to 60 Degree C +/-3 Degree C)
  • Charge Temperature: 32 to 113 Degree F +/-5 Degree F (0 to 45 Degree C +/-3 Degree C)
  • Battery Info: Required, Included
  • Battery Material: Lithium-ion
  • Battery Quantity: 1
  • AC Output (x3/x2): 600W (Surge 1200W)
  • USB-A Output (x2): 12W per port, 5V DC, 2.4A
  • USB-A Fast Charge (x1): 28W, 5V DC, 9V DC,12V DC, 2.4A Max
  • USB-C Output (x1): 100W, 5V DC, 9V DC,12V DC, 15V DC, 20V DC, 5A Max
  • Car Power Output (x1): 136W, 13.6V DC, 10A Max
  • DC5521 Output (x2): 13.6V DC, 3A Max (per port)
  • AC Charge Input Power: 660W Max (X-STREAM)
  • AC Charge Input Voltage: 100-120Vac (50Hz/60Hz)
  • AC Charge Input Voltage: 100-120Vac (50Hz/60Hz)
  • Solar Charge Input: 200W 10-25V DC 12A Max
  • Car Charge Input: 12V/24V DC 10A Max
  • Capacity: 720Wh
Detail Value
connections Schuko, USB-C, USB3.0 and DC
capacity (Wh) 720
suggested use digital equipment
recharge time (h) 1.6
max output (W) 600

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