DZO Pictor Zoom 50-125mm T2.8 (S35) EF

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DZO Pictor Zoom 50-125mm T2.8 (S35) EF
DZO Pictor Zoom 50-125mm T2.8 (S35) EF
75,00 €
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This is our DZO Pictor Zoom 50-125mm T2.8 (S35) in EF-mount. we also offer it as single lenses and in PL-mount. Pictor Zoom is available in a 50-125mm 20-55mm and 14-30mm version. All lenses feature a constant T/2.8 aperture through the entire zoom range, and they cover Super35/APS-C sensors. The lenses ship with a PL mount with an extra EF mount bayonet in the package. Lens mounts are user interchangeable, providing more possibility of shooting. Features Pictor Zoom
: Minimal Focus Breathing Thanks to the floating structure, the breathing of Pictor Zoom lenses,
are negligible during focusing Parfocal Design Center image stay sharp during
zooming in or out No matter from close-up to wide shot,
Or rapidly zoom out to long shot, Under Parfocal 
design, focus keeps still all the way along * Standard M0.8 gear pitch * 270° focus rotation angle * Filter size M86*0.75 * Covers a Super 35/ APS-C format  * T2.8 stop in all focal length * Parfocal design\Minimum breathing * 16 blades providing smooth and round Bokeh * Clear image and complexion friendly * Interchangeable mount system compatible with PL, E, EF and LPL mounts, providing more possibility of shooting  * Feet and meters are indicated on the lens * Lightweight 1.52kg/3.35lbs for the 20-55mm lens | 1.7kg/3.74lbs for the 50-125mm lens

Detail Value
Focusmode Manualfocus
Filter diameter (mm)
Imagestabilizer No
Aperture 2,8
Focal length (mm) 50
Closest Focuspoint (m)
Built in Shutter
Focal length END (mm) 125
Lenstype Cineprime Zoom
Changeable Mount PL and EF Version
Image circle Super35
Front diameter (mm)

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