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Broncolor Twinhead

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Broncolor Twinhead
45,00 €
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A Broncolor Twinhead is used when you either need a lot of light or extremely short flash duration times. The Twin has 2 flash tubes with 3200J maximum load. So it can deliver up to 6400J when connected to 2 generators. Ideal also as hard sunlight with a P65 from a long distance on a back. Used in this way, interesting shadows can be created by placing holders or branches in the beam path. The updated version of the popular "F" series. "G" heads have an improved clamping system for more reliable braking, and stability when using the head with larger, heavier accessories, such as softboxes. The included flash tube protection dome is now better-protected with a redesigned locking bayonet device. Voltage level is automatically sensed, modelling lights are changeable for 220V. This head will fit on almost any third party light stand, eliminating the need for the Broncolor adapter. The familiar features of light angle focusing, 6400 w/s of consistent power, standard Broncolor Bayonet reflector mount and umbrella holder, and cooling fan are still built-in. A power supply for this flash head is required.

  • Broncolor Pulso Twin 4 - 2 X 3200 Watt/Second Lamphead
  • Focusable Lamp Base with 2 16.4' (5M) cables
  • Halogen Modeling Light
  • 2 x Flashtubes
  • Protective Glass Dome
  • Protective Cover
Detail Value
Built in Radioremote No
Shortest Flashduration (@t0,5 in 1/sec)
Batteryoperation No
Min. Lightoutput (WS)
Max. Lightoutput (WS) 6400
Recycletime (shortest)
Recycletime (@100%)
Actual Firmware Version
color code intern

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