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Briese Modul Globe 90 H2

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Briese Modul Globe 90 H2
200,00 €
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Our Briese module Globe 90 H2 contains the Globe with all accessories. A 2000W tungsten light system is included. The Globe shade is suitable for imitating natural light. It can also be used in locations and studios of medium size. With the Globe, the surrounding space also becomes a light shaper, because it reflects the emitted light. So pay attention to where you use the Globe. Because of its appearance, it is also often used in the picture.

Detail Value
Highspeed Capability No
Power (W) 2000
Lightshapertype Balloon
Powersupply (A) Household 16AH
Power Supply 230V Supply
Kelvin minimal 3200
Kelvin maximal 3200

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