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Briese Modul Focus 85 Flash

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Briese  Modul Focus  85 Flash
Briese  Modul Focus  85 Flash
135,00 €
Prices per day excluding vat. Vat will be charged according local law.

Our Briese Modul Focus 85 flash includes the umbrella with all accessories. Only the flash generator must be ordered separately. The 85 umbrella is very suitable for upper body portraits. It can also be used well in locations and smaller studios. The 85 can illuminate a maximum of 2 persons well. Like the 96 umbrella it is an intermediate form between the classic parabolic umbrella (77/140) and the new From (115). It has a very hard and focused light characteristic.

  • included:
  • Flash Head
  • Flash Tube
  • Tubus
  • Diffusor
  • Umbrella Mount

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