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Briese Modul Focus 220 HMI 1,2KW

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Briese Modul Focus 220 HMI 1,2KW
Briese Modul Focus 220 HMI 1,2KW
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Our Briese Modul Focus 220 HMI 1200W is the Briese 220 Umbrella with the 1,2KW HMI setup. 2,5KW or 4KW would be options with more power. Suitable for indoor use in a studio or big location. If audio is recorded check with us the loud levels of noise for the HMI since it has a built-in cooling. Fashion photographer and filmmaker also love this reflector. It brings the sun into the studio and makes other light sources unnecessary. Another advantage is that this large reflector allows different camera positions, as you can stand directly in front of it during the shoot without casting a shadow.

Detail Value
Highspeed Capability Yes
Power (W) 1200
Lightshapertype Focusable Umbrella
Powersupply (A) Household 16AH
Power Supply 230V Supply
Kelvin minimal 5600
Kelvin maximal 5600
CRI 96

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