Briese Modul Focus.2 115 HMI 2,5KW

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Briese  Modul Focus.2 115 HMI 2,5KW
195,00 €
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The Briese Focus.2 115 HMI 2500W module contains the Briese 115 umbrella with a 2500 Watt daylight system. Also available as a high-speed version. The 115 umbrella is suitable for portraits. It can also be used in small locations. You can illuminate a whole person with it, for groups we recommend a larger shade. The version with the 1200W HMI light is ideal for filming. Optionally we can also supply a high-speed version - ask us. The 115 shade has a new shape, which is formed by 2 different radii. This makes it very flexible on the one hand, but on the other hand, even small changes in the focus have a strong effect on the light image. A shade for connoisseurs. You can achieve unique effects with it, e.g. in the extreme flood position, there is a light pattern similar to a large ring light. Try it out!

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