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Atlas Orion Silver Edition 65mm T2.0 PL

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Atlas Orion Silver Edition 65mm T2.0 PL
Atlas Orion Silver Edition 65mm T2.0 PL
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Our Atlas Orion Silver Edition 65mm T2.0 PL is a semi-telephoto lens of the Silver series Atlas Orion Silver Edition is a special series of cinema anamorphic lenses that generate beautiful flashes of light. The lens will flash in the color of the light reflection. Designed as Super 35 lenses, they can be used in conjunction with the 1.6 adapter on full-frame PL or L-PL cameras. The lenses will work perfectly on the Alexa mini LF in 4: 3 ANA format and the RED Monstro 8K in 6: 5 ANA format. The adapter we offer is for PL to PL and PL to L-PL. We also have available an adapter for EF mounts that allows covering the Super 35 format and the Blackmagic 6K or the Canon C-70, for example, could be mounted. The position of the focus and aperture teeth (0.8) and the front diameter of 144mm are the same throughout. Just change the focal length.

Detail Value
Aperture 2.0
Min. Focal Length (mm) 65
Max. Focal Length (mm) 65
Front Diameter (mm) 114
Closest Focuspoint (m) 0,84
Image Circle FF with Adapter
Anamorphic Ratio 2x
Lens Mount PL
Mount Options EF
Focal Length (mm) 65 - 65

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