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Arri Alexa 35 Body Set

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Arri Alexa 35 Body Set
Arri Alexa 35 Body Set
Arri Alexa 35 Body Set
1.000,00 €
Prices per day excluding vat. Vat will be charged according local law.

Step into the world of cutting-edge film technology with the Arri Alexa 35, now available for rental at 711Rent. The Alexa 35 is a powerhouse in high-end digital cinema technology, boasting a remarkable 35mm format sensor renowned for delivering exceptional image quality, stunning detail, precise color accuracy, and a wide dynamic range. It's the top choice for professionals seeking to capture cinema-grade footage. 711Rent understands the importance of having access to professional equipment in successful film production. That's why we're dedicated to providing you with the Arri Alexa 35 and other top-notch filmmaking gear. Our rental process is seamless, ensuring you get the tools you need without delays. With our international presence in key creative hubs, you're never too far from a 711Rent service center. Whether you're an experienced cinematographer or an aspiring filmmaker, we're committed to supporting your creative journey with high-quality equipment like the Arri Alexa 35. Rent the Alexa 35 from 711Rent today and immerse yourself in the world of digital cinema excellence.

Detail Value
max. ISO 6400
Imagestabilizer No
max. Framerate Video 120
Storage Medium Arri-Codex
Sensor Size Super 35
Video Resolution 4K
Build in ND yes
Output Timecode
Input Timecode
Camera Mount L-PL
Native ISO 800

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