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Aputure Nova P600C Set

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Aputure Nova P600C Set
Aputure Nova P600C Set
Aputure Nova P600C Set
Aputure Nova P600C Set
Aputure Nova P600C Set
Aputure Nova P600C Set
Aputure Nova P600C Set
Aputure Nova P600C Set
Aputure Nova P600C Set
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Our Aputure Nova P600C kit contains the Aputure LED Nova 600 with accessories in a transport case. The Nova 600 is a 600W multicolour LED softlight the size of an Arri S-60 skypanel but with 75% more output. The system has a CRI value of +95 and can be completely remote controlled via the Siduslink app. The Nova 600C can also be operated via 2 V-mount batteries using the Aputure power adapter. CCT, HSI, RGBW, XY (CIE 1931) and filter modes are available. The gel filters include Lee and Rosco products. The effect mode contains the following effects: Party, Candle, Club, Lightning, Cop Car, Firework, Strobe, Fire, TV, Paparazzi. The Nova fits seamlessly into the Aputure LED family and similar products from Arri, Kinoflo and DMG. Even a mixed use with HMI laps is no problem. Due to their dimmability, LED softlights are particularly suitable for use in combination with existing light in order to brighten up only the main motif without influencing the general lighting mood of the location too much. The set includes: the control unit with a mounting bracket for attaching to the stand, 6m mains cable and an XLR cable.

  • CCT: 2,000K - 10,000K
  • Color Modes: HSI, RGI, XY, Gels
  • CRI: 95+ (2,500K - 10,000K)
  • TLCI: 95+ (2,500K - 10,000K)
  • CQS:92-97+ (2,5000K, - 10,00K)
  • SSI (D55): 74
  • SSI (Tungesten): 85
  • Native Beam Angle:120°
  • Operating Temperature: -10~45°C
  • Power Supply:AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
  • Operating Current:4 Amps
  • Power Input: 360W Maximum
  • Power Output: 360W Maximum
  • Control Methods: On-board, SidusLink (SidusMesh™), 5-Pin DMX512
  • Battery Operating Voltage Range: DC 24-48V (4-Pin XLR)
  • Cooling Method: Active Cooling
Detail Value
Type of Lightsource softlight
Color Engine Multicolor RGBWW
Powersupply (A) Household 16AH
Power Consumption (W) 415
App for remote operation Siduslink
Lumenradio build in CRMX build in

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