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Laowa Zero-D Cine 12mm/2,9 PL

Check our our new Wideangle lens from Laowa

Our Laowa Zero-D 12mm T2,9 is currently the most extreme wide-angle lens for full-frame sensors with a PL-Mount.
It is extraordinarily fast, completely distortion-free, and can be focused very closely. It is also incredibly compact with its 87mm length and a weight of 675 gr. This makes it the perfect add-on lens for the creative cinematographer.

The Laowa 12mm T2.9 Zero-D Cine enables extreme wide-angle shots with an angle of view of 122 degrees in the highest quality with all full-format cameras. The close-up position allows shooting with a minimum distance of only 18cm from the sensor.  Included is a 114mm adapter for a matte box.
- Extreme wide angle with 122° degrees
- Highly luminous
- Distortion-free
- Close focus down to 18cm
- Compact

We deliver the Laowa in its own case with the Adatper to fit 114mm clamp-on matte boxes as our Tilta matte box.

The Zero-D can also be used on Sony E-mount and Canon RF-mount systems with our adapters!

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