Zeiss CP.3 Cineprimes PL and EF

Cinepimes for Professionals!

Zeiss has been renowned for great lenses for a long time. We're proud to offer their CP.3 Cineprimes at 711rent.
All our Zeiss CP.3 lenses are characterized by an excellent optical performance and a design adapted to the professional film workflow.
All except the 100 and 135 mm lenses have the same outer dimensions and position of the gear rims (0.8) as well as a front-lens diameter of 95mm.
Beside the PL version we also offer the complete range of CP.3 lenses on Canon EF-mount.
If you want to use the lenses on Sony E-mount systems we recommend our Vocas PL to E adapter.
If you want to use the CP.3 lenses on Canon R-mount systems like our Canon C70 or the Canon R5, we offer an adapter from PL to Canon R-mount.

Here is a list of all the CP.3 lenses we rent as single lenses or as sets of 5 or 3 lenses.
Zeiss CP.3 15mm/T2.9 PL / EF
Zeiss CP.3 18mm/T2.9 PL / EF
Zeiss CP.3 21mm/T2.9 PL / EF
Zeiss CP.3 25mm/T2.1 PL / EF
Zeiss CP.3 28mm/T2.1 PL / EF
Zeiss CP.3 35mm/T2.1 PL / EF
Zeiss CP.3 50mm/T2.1 PL / EF
Zeiss CP.3 85mm/T2.1 PL / EF
Zeiss CP.3 100mm/T2.1 PL / EF
Zeiss CP.3 135mm/T2.1 PL / EF