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We´ve been busy to provide you with an easy step-by-step videomanual how to use the generators build in in our vehicles.
The generator will run up to 20KW of lights, strobes or production equipment.
Get in touch with our shops to have the vehilce reserved which will serve your needs the best.
With the monophase version you can run our M60/90 on 9000W and still have enought to power other lights.
All that is not taking any storagespace from the sprinters as the generators are located unter the floor of the car.
The generator is powered by the engine of the car, so you will have the motor running a little above the minimum RPM. The Cars can be locked while running the generator so you do not need a person at the car at anytime.

Manual for Generatorvehicle: HH-RA 711

Manual for Generatorvehicle HH-AU 711

Manual for Generatorvehicle HH-AX 711

Manual how to jumpstart our vehicles

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