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Profoto B10 plus new in rent!

Profoto launched the new version of the B10 battery with 500WS flashpower. Even more power on set!

When Profoto launched the B10 it was a lot of Power in a very small form.
Now the Profoto B10 Plus brings you double the flash power 500WS in a slightly bigger unit. The B10 Plus is your perfect companion when you have to travel or don't want to carry a lot of gear but still need to create studio-like images on set. With its bi-color LED light (CRI95) you can also use it for doing videos. The Battery will do 200 Full power flashes or about 90min of LED light.
Like all new products from Profoto, it's fully integrated into the Air-System. That means TTL, HSS, and remote operation.
The B10 also can be controlled via the Profoto App (IOs).
Here is a link to the Tutorial of the App

Call our shops to check out the new B10 Plus, or book it online by following the link below!

Here are some of the Tech specs of the Profoto B10 Plus:

Ten times the power of a speedlight, all packed into the size of a large camera lens.
Flash power: 500 Ws
Flash recycling: 0.05-2.5 seconds
Battery capacity: 200 full power flashes
Continuous light: 2500 lumens
Total weight: 1.9 kg / 4.2 lbs
Diameter: 10cm / 3.9"
Length: 23.5cm / 9.3"

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