Nanlux Evoke 1200

The most powerfull COB on the market @711rent!

The Nanlux Evoke 1200 is a daylight COB LED Pointlightsource. Via its NLM mount its capable to use different lightshapers. Right now it comes with the RF 45 metallicreflector and we also have the FL35 Fresnellattachment in rent. Soon there will also be Globes, Domes and Softboxes available. The System is lightweight and weather proof. You can use it outside in the rain. Its lightoutput is as Bright as A 1200W HMI Fresnel, and if you use the RF 45 Reflector only even brighter.  The construction looks a lot like the Arri Orbiter but has 3x the power. Of course it limited to daylight only but still has a build in FX Section. It can be operated on the unit or via the build in lumenradio receiver. The Evoke 1200 will brighten up you day!