Lenstest Videos for Cinelenses!

Check out the Bokeh an Flare of our Lenses!

We did some work to make the performace and special looks of our lenses visual for you, when not having time to do a lens-test in one of our shops.
Check out the videos linked behind the each lenses on our Website or check out our Youtube channel for the whole collection.
Of course your always welcome to check out the lenses in our shops! If you have any suggestions and whishes for special lenses please check back with us!

Products used in this News

Zeiss Contax  85mm/1.4 Cinemodded to EFZeiss Contax  85mm/1.4 Cinemodded to EF
1.4 F / Full-Frame / 1 m / 77 mm
Tokina Vista 85mm T1.5 FF Cinema Prime PLTokina Vista 85mm T1.5 FF Cinema Prime PL
PL / FF / 1.5 T / 114 mm Front / 0,95 m
SIGMA Cine-Prime 85mm T1,5 FF (PL)SIGMA Cine-Prime 85mm T1,5 FF (PL)
PL / FF / 1.5 T / 95 mm Front / 0,85 m
Zeiss CP.3 85mm/T2.1 PLZeiss CP.3 85mm/T2.1 PL
PL / FF / 2.1 T / 95 mm Front / 1,0 m