Laowa Periprobe 24mm 14 PL

Thake a closer look!

In addition to our regular Laowa Probe we now also rent out the new Periprobe version of the Probe lens.
The Front part can be exchanged between the regular and the 90° turned version. This lens gives you a wide range of posible angels and only your creativity is the limit. The Lens is cine ready with 0,8 gears and PL Mount. You can also use it for Photography using our adapters PL to RF or PL to Sony E-mount. The lens covers Fullformat sensors. The front part is waterresistand. Like the regular version also the 90° has a build in LED Light at the front powered by a USB connector. Add one of our powerbanks or power it from the V-mount battery of your camera. The orientation of the lens is changable so you can pick the ideal orientation for you needs. Check it out.