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DZOFilm: Catta Zooms 35-80 and 70- 135/T2,9!

A perfect match with our Sony FX6!

Our Catta Zoom Set from DZOFilm is a lightweight solution when shooting full-frame sensors on a Sony or Canon RF System like our Sony FX6 or FX3 or the new Canon R5C. It's also fine to use with our C70 with its Super 35 sensor. Check out the tech specs in the Info box. The Catta Zooms were specially made to work with mirrorless camera systems. By this, the dimensions of the lens could keep much smaller. The filter diameter and also the outer shape is the same. This will make swapping lenses a no-trouble job. There is a filter tray for drop-in filters if filtering in front is impossible. The parfocal design ensures keeping the focus when zooming in or out. The t2,9 makes this a perfect tool for documentary or general shooting in low-light situations. The Set consists of two lenses: 30-80mm and 70- 35 mm, both with T2,9. Currently, we offer the Sony E-Version and the Canon RF-Version.

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DZO Catta Zoom 35-80mm + 70-135mm T2,9 E/RF SETDZO Catta Zoom 35-80mm + 70-135mm T2,9 E/RF SET
2,9 F / Full-Frame / 35-80+70-135mm / 77 mm