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DZO Vespid Retro Lenses Available!

vintage touch for your next project!

DZO Film has launched a new and limited version of the Vespid Series:
the VESPID RETRO. We´re Proud to rent out a set of 7 lenses with the technical excellence of the vespit but a vintage look.

Distinctive Character, Superior Performance
Time resides in amber, reflecting a glimmer of uniqueness Memories are recreated through images, enabling us to travel between reality and imagination in time and space. Every artist has their golden age they long for. Vespid Retro Prime provides infinite inspiration and surprise with a unique golden coating design. The image becomes the extension of sense and the continuation of dreams.

Golden Coating, Retro Aesthetics
Special coating techniques meet more possibilities for evocative and stylistic filming. Unconventional anodized aluminum alloy in silver provides a classic and stylish appearance. Amber Hue, Craft Eternity The distinctive amber halation can be creatively controlled for authorial expression. The controllable warm tangerine glow evokes sun-soaked memories, rich in sensual and poetic naturalistic colors, suitable for Arthouse film and Atmospheric film that represents consciousness and dreams.

Violet Tint, Alluring Reverie
The amber coating adds a warm, soft tint to the cold bluish image that renders skin tones beautifully. Vintage colors and delicate nuances are suitable for the presentation of dreamlike, surreal moments.

Vintage Look,Modern Composition
Inspired by the industrial design of 1970s and Mondrian's paintings, the silver appearance is subtly embellished with red and blue inks for a retro yet vibrant look. At the same time, the rounded elements and rectangular lettering present modernity with geometric balance. A Combination of Retro and Modern Resolves high-resolution details and yet feel smooth. Delivers crisp, high-contrast images that still retains a soft vintage look with dreamy rendition and gorgeous bokeh. Exquisite Size, Compactly Solid The lens housing is made of aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable to navigate different environments. Lightweight and compact body consistent with Vespid Prime that can be easily grasped with one hand, with matte finish and delicate texture.

FF/VV Format for Professional Filmmaking
The entire series is designed to cover full-frame cine camera sensors, as well as wide-angle, standard, and telephoto focal lengths to meet more professional filming needs. Consistent Mechanics Smooth Operation Vespid Retro has the same reliable mechanical performance as the original Vespid Prime, with uniform and constant position of focus ring and iris ring, no adjustment needed when changing the lens. Precisely control the focus with 270 degree focusing rotation. Interchangeable mounting design which is compatible with a variety of cinema cameras.

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DZO Vespid Retro Prime Set of 7 - EFDZO Vespid Retro Prime Set of 7 - EF
EF / 2.1 F/T / FF / 80 mm / 16-25-35-50-75-100-125mm
DZO Vespid Retro Prime Set of 7 - PL
PL / 2.1 F/T / FF / 80 mm / 16-25-35-50-75-100-125mm