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Atlas Orion Silver Edition

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The Atlas Orion Silver Edition is a special anamorphic (2x) lens series with a beautiful lens flair. The Lens will produce the fairs in the color of the reflection. Designed as Super 35 lenses, you can use them together with the 1,6 Adapter either on full-frame PL or L-PL Cameras.

The Lenses will cover the Alexa mini LF in the format 4:3 ANA and the RED Monstro 8K in the 6:5 ANA format. The Adapter we offer for PL to PL and Pl to L-PL. Shooting on Canon EF- mount is limited to Super 35 Sensor size.
There is an Adapter to EF mount available, which will cover the Super 35 format.

We also offer the Atlas Orion series ready mounted on Canon EF mount, which covers the Super 35 format. This can be used with the Blackmagic 6K or the Canon C-70, for example.
The 1,6 Adapter will also change the focal length by factor 1,6.
The position of the focus and aperture gear (0.8) and the front diameter of 114mm are the same over the whole set. Only the length changes.

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Atlas Orion Silver Edition Set of 6 - PL
PL / 2x / FF with Adapter / 2.0 T / 32-40-50-65-80-100mm / 114 mm Front