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Arri M8 Set

Arri M8 Set

Arri M8 Set

The Arri M8 is the latest and smallest lighting fixture in the M-Series of HMI lamp heads.
The light output produced by its 800W lamp comes close to the output from a 1,2KW Fresnel or PAR (with lens). The unit can be focused between 15° and 60° just by turning the focus knob, producing a remarkably even light field and a crisp, clear shadow.

The Autoscan Ballast allows you highspeed operation up to 1000HZ.

The Lamp can be also used with a 575W HMI Bulb to reduce light output.


  • Lens-less MAX Technology: Easy to use

  • Light output comparable to a 1,200 W fixture

  • Smallest lamp head with MAX Technology reflector

  • Highly mobile for a wide range of uses

  • Focusable between 15° and 60°

  • Cross-Cooling allows safe operation even at a 90° tilt

  • Uses existing 230 & 245 mm accessories from ARRI True Blue D12 and from Chimera

  • Compensation for Cable Losses (CCL)

  • Uses existing 575 to 1,800 W cables with international connector

  • Suitable for high frame rate images

  • IP Rating IP23

  • Tilt locks to hold heavy accessories stable

    Our Set comes with the M8 lamphead, HMI Lamp 800W, Spare lamp HMI 800W, Arri HMI Ballast 575/800/1,2/1,8 Autoscan, Arri HMI M Spill Kill Insert

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