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Aputure LS 600D Pro

LED Power for your Set!

We´re proud to be one of the first to have the Aputure LS 600D Pro in our Stock!

The LS 600D Pro is the latest release in the Lightstom series from Aputure. This System is a consequent follow-up to the LS 300mkII and the LS 300X which we also have in stock. The daylight-only lamp head features a CRI >96 and can be run completely on 2 V-mount batteries. The whole set is nicely packed in a "trolley style" transport case and contains anything needed to operate the System.

Thanks to the Bowens mount, you can use any Bowens reflector and the special Aputure reflectors like the Fresnel 2x or the Spotattachments 19°, 26°, and 35°. Also, the use of Softboxes is possible. Please check with our shops which size you can use.
The Lamp has the same convenient Ballast, which can be run of mains or from 2 V-mount batteries - when connected to mains, it will also charge the Batteries. The lamp has an integrated Display. The Ballast to head Cable is 3 m.

The Ballast shows the remaining operation time when shooting on Batteries. This makes your shooting more planable.
The operation can be done on the Ballast, via the Wifi Remote, or via the Sidus link app available for Android and IOS. Click here for the IOS version:, and here is the link for Android devices
The free App also contains features like a color meter and a light meter, and a calculator for typical Gaffas needs like Candela, Lumen, EV, etc. Check it out, even when you don´t own an Aputure yet;)


Products used in this News

Aputure LS 600d ProAputure LS 600d Pro
Daylight only / 600 W / Siduslink / CRMX build in
Aputure LS C300d IIAputure LS C300d II
Daylight only / 350 W / Siduslink / CRMX build in
Aputure Fresnel 2XAputure Fresnel 2X
600 W max. / Bowens mount
Aputure LS 300X (Bi-Color)Aputure LS 300X (Bi-Color)
Bi-Color / 350 W / Siduslink / CRMX build in