Aputure LS 1200d Pro

The brightest LED Lamp!

Aputure is known for its perfect range of COB and Softlight LED Systems. All packed nicely in boxes, working on mains and batteries and in nearly any weather condition they have become the standard on many filmsets already. Now with their newes release the LS 1200d Pro they are one more time setting new standards. The LS 1200d Pro is a 1200W LED COB pointlight-source with daylight color temperature. The Fixture comes with 3 different bowens mounted reflectors- Narrow-wide and the Hyperrefelctor. It can also nicely work with the F10 fresnelattachment. All softboxes form the Aputure System are compatible. Only the spotlightmounts are not suggested as the heat emission of the 1200watts is to much. The system can be run off mains or using the 48V power adater also of v-mount batteries. to work on 50%power you need one 48V power supply with 2 V-mounts. for 100% power you need to adda second 48V powersupply. We suggest using a instagrid, Ecoflow or Wattsun system to power it on sets with out a mains supply. like all other Aputure lamps it has built in FX section with the most commons effects like broken bulb, tV, Strobe, lighting etc. It can seamlessly work with the Siduslink app. Incredible is the power output when you compare it to Arri 2,5 HMI System. With the F10 its as bright as the Arri 2,5kW and when using the reflectors is even brighter with only 1200W power!