Do you deliver equipment?

Yes, all equipment can be delivered to any location upon request.

If I am a 711rent customer already. Can I rent Equipment in all your locations?

Yes you can. Once you are a certified customer of 711rent you can rent equipment in any of our 8 outlets throuout Europe. You can organize all your shoot with your local manager and have the equipment ready to shoot in another town. Or work directly with the local outlet. Even having different pick up and drop off locations is no big deal to us. We are one network supporting you, where ever your challenges may lead you.

I need equipment outside business hours...

No Problem. You can get in touch with our crew 24/7 by using the emergency contact phone lines, which you will be able to find in our contact area. Most shops offer "dropboxes" accessable anytime for delivery or pick up of equipment with a code. For ordering please use our online shop. Our experience in solving problems in any aspect of the business and years of technical expertise will help you reach your goals at what ever time they might need to be reached.

I have a picture which I need to shoot. Can you suggest what equipment I should use?

Yes we can suggest equipment to suit any budget or the suitable leading equipment in the market. We are not limited to one brand of strobe, light or camerasystem but are able to choose from a selection of the market leaders. Together we will find the equipment which will serve you the best.

I need assistants, drivers or professionals in other fields - can you help me?

Yes! Check out our creative list of the city your going to and contact the listed people. The crewmembers listed are not working for 711rent but we would recommend them due to the jobs we´ve done with them already. Also find interesting restaurants and general city information here.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

There is a special page for that. You´ll find it here in the Footer.

How do you handle canceled jobs?

If the job is canceled 24 hours before pick up / delivery the cancelation will be free of charge. If a job is being canceled later we can charge up to 50% of the rental amount according to our rentalterms. If a Job is been canceled after pick up it will be charged for the day it´s been out. However we try to keep your cost as low as possible.

Is my equipment insured?

Yes, but there is a self behalf of 350€ on rental equipment and 650€ on vehicles.
Damages due to improper handling, damages caused by water and theft are not insured!

What do I need to become a customer?

Come by one of our offices and bring your credit card and ID.
And fill out the new customers form in store or use our online version here or in the downloads section.

I can´t find the equipment I´m searching for- can you help me?

We are always updating our portfolio. If you miss a special lens or any other part of equipment in our online shop - please get in contact with us. We´ll try our best to have it there for your job. Recomandations are always welcome!

Do you rent out vehicles?

Yes we do. Check with your local shop to get the vehicles available there for the time of your project. We rent out Mercedes Sprinter or VW crafter. Available as 9seater bus, cargo bus or even with an on board 20kv powergenerator to run a complete lighting set up independant on the powersupply on the location. All cars feature a build in clothrack, air condition, park assist, rear view camera, additional heating systems and a modular shelf system.