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Kinoflo FreeStyle 31

The multicolor LED Panel for convinient working!

The multicolor LED Panel is for convenient working!

We're proud to announce the first new in stock for 2018! We just got a bunch of Kinoflo Freestyle 31 units in. These LED Panels with 150W feature high CRI, a modular system for either fitting in small spaces or having all lamp parts together in one unit, and battery operation by two v-mount batteries all in a lightweight system. This will replace most of the fluorescent Kinoflo systems still around. Come in and test it for your next photo or video job.

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Kinoflo FreeStyle 31 LEDKinoflo FreeStyle 31 LED
Multicolor RGBWW / 2500 K° / 9900 K° / 180 W / CRMX build in / 230V Supply / V-mount Adapter available
C-Stand 40"
10 max. KG / 16mm Spigot

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