Laowa OOOM 25-100 MM T2,9 Cine Zoom Lens (PL/EF/E)

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Laowa OOOM 25-100 MM T2,9 Cine Zoom Lens (PL/EF/E)
Laowa OOOM 25-100 MM T2,9 Cine Zoom Lens (PL/EF/E)
Laowa OOOM 25-100 MM T2,9 Cine Zoom Lens (PL/EF/E)
Laowa OOOM 25-100 MM T2,9 Cine Zoom Lens (PL/EF/E)
Laowa OOOM 25-100 MM T2,9 Cine Zoom Lens (PL/EF/E)
Laowa OOOM 25-100 MM T2,9 Cine Zoom Lens (PL/EF/E)
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With the OOOM 25-100 mm T2.9 Cine, LAOWA introduces the first all-in-one zoom lens for professional users. With a balanced blend of vintage and modern, this lens creates a stunning cinematic look - over a focal length range of 25-100 mm. The image is neither too contrasty nor too flat and has excellent sharpness. It also convinces with natural skin tones. The OOOM 25-100 mm works parfocally, which means that the focus point always remains exactly in the same place during camera movement with the zoom. This focus stability is a very important point, especially for professional filming. In addition, the lens exhibits virtually no "focus breathing" over the entire zoom range. With many lenses, small changes in the image frame occur when you turn the focus ring and shift the focus within the image - for example, from an object close to the front lens to an object further away. LAOWA's OOOM also shows its professional character here and convinces with this feature. Thanks to the high constant speed T2.9, the shallow depth of field makes it possible to direct the point of focus precisely onto the subject. In addition, the high light intensity even makes it possible to work in low light conditions without strong spotlights. Another important point for professional filming is that the light intensity remains constant over the entire focal length range during zooming. When zooming, the image brightness is therefore always the same. The very short closest focusing distance of only 60 cm also allows creative close-ups with a maximum magnification of 1:4. There is no standard Super35 format for video cameras. This varies, depending on the sensor, between 31 and 34 mm. With Super35+ coverage, this lens is compatible even with sensor diagonals over 33mm. This means maximum coverage for RED Monstro 6K HD, RED Gemini 5K HD, RED Helium 8K HD as well as Arri Alexa Mini 4K UHD. For cross-system use, the LAOWA OOOM lens comes with interchangeable adapters for Canon EF as well as Sony E-mount in addition to the standard Arri PL bayonet. Technical data Focal length 25-100 mm Aperture angle (throw) 50.5 Zoom angle (throw) 163 Focus angle (throw) 300 Sensor type S35+ Maximum aperture t/2.9 Minimum aperture t/22 Aperture blades 9 Aperture setting manual Aperture ring stepless Optical design 20 elements in 16 groups Close focusing distance 60 cm magnification 1:4 Filter thread 95 mm Font diameter 100 mm (114mm step-up ring is included) Dimensions (DxL) 102x240 mm Weight 2.500 g Features fast professional zoom, parfocal design Connection Arri PL, (Canon EF and Sony E with adapter)

Detail Value
Focusmode Manualfocus
Filterdiameter (mm) 95
Imagestabilizer No
Aperture 2,9
Focal length (mm) 25
Closest Focuspoint (m) 0,6
Built in Shutter
Focal length END (mm) 100
Lenstype Cineprime Zoom
Lensmount PL-Mount
Changable Mount PL, E and EF Version
Lens Coverage Full-Frame with Adapter