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Iron Glass Cine MKII Set of 6 (20/28/37/58/85/135mm) PL

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Iron Glass Cine MKII Set of 6 (20/28/37/58/85/135mm) PL
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Iron Glass is a ukraininan company rehousing old sowiet photography lenses for cine use. We have a range of 6 Lenses available on PL mount for fullframe sensors. All Lenses feature: New &amp; solid cine-style body 95mm Front O.D. for compatability with clip-on matte boxes 92mm Filter size Integrated follow focus and iris gears Expanded focus distance markings Here is a detailed list with characteristic: MIR- 20M 20mm F3.5 is the widest rectilinear lens in the Soviet lens line-up. It’s losely based on the Carl Zeiss Flektogon 20mm optical formula. The minimum focusing distance is just 0.18m, which makes it one of the shortest close focusing lenses in its class and a great lens for getting very close to your subject. If you want the maximum depth of field though, focusing to around 2m brings pretty much everything into focus! MIR-10A 28mm F3.5 is a bit of a dark horse. It’s a less known Soviet lens, but very unique and worthy nevertheless. Its closest focusing distance very impressive at just 0.20m and it produces very shoot bokeh when wide open, though its aperture design, results in “sheriff star” bokeh when you step this lens down. This lens has minimal distortion, a 3-dimensional feel and good sharpness even wide open, so it’s definitely worth considering. MIR-1B 37mm F2.8 is a very popular wide/mid-range lens. It’s closely based on Zeiss Flektogon equivalent. It’s a favorite lens of many thanks to its incredible flares. From the factory this lens has one big downside: the closest focusing distance of just 0.70m making it somewhat unusable for capturing proper close-ups, but we’ve improved the closest focusing distance to 0.57mm as part of this rehousing, making it much more usable for close-ups without compromising on image quality. HELIOS 44-2 58mm F2 is a cult classic; one of the most popular and loved lenses in history. It’s based on the legendary Zeiss’s Biotar 58mm, which explains why Helios 58mm is so well regarded. It pretty much has it all including the beautiful dreamy flares, very unique swirly bokeh, and great sharpness. The minimum focusing distance is 0.50m, so gets you pretty nice close-ups with this lens, making it very popular for mid/close portrait shots. JUPITER-9 85mm F2 is yet another very popular Soviet lens and it competes with the very popular Soviet Trio (37mm 58mm 85mmm). This 85mm is based on Zeiss Sonnar equivalent and shares most of the characteristics with the other 2 lenses it’s often used with. One of its best features is the 15 blade aperture, which keeps that bokeh nice and round at any F-stop. Even though at 0.8m its minimum focusing distance is not outstanding, it’s great for really tight “bohehlicios” shots TAIR-11A 135mm F2.8 is the most well-regarded Soviet 135mm lens. it’s a very impressive telephoto lens, especially the updated A version, which had an improved sharpness and better close focusing distance than the original Tair-11. The focus throw of approx. 300° is also particularly useful with this lens helping you dial it in perfectly in a smooth and precise way. The highlight feature of this lens is of course the 20 blade aperture! It’s safe to say, that bokeh is absolutely perfect.

  • Specifications:
  • Sensor Coverage: 24×36 mm Full Frame
  • Focal length: 58mm
  • Outside diameter: 95mm
  • Filter size: 92mm
  • Aperture: 1:2
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 0.5 meters
  • Focus ring rotates: 270° degrees
  • Viewing angle: 40° degrees
  • Diaphragm scale: from 2 to 16
  • Apertura blades: 16
  • Modul Focus &amp; Iris gears: 0.8(32pitch)
  • Weight: 550 gr.
Detail Value
Aperture 2.0-3.5
Min. Focal Length (mm) 20
Max. Focal Length (mm) 135
Lenses in Set 20-28-37-58-85-135mm
Image Circle FF
Lens Mount PL
Focal Length (mm) 20 - 135