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Ianero Varibeam 800w avec volet

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Ianero Varibeam 800w avec volet
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The Ianero Varibeam 800w aka "Redhead" is a basic tungsten lightshaper with a 800w doublesided bulb and barndoors.

  • Maximum Power: 800 watts
  • Bulb Type: Compatible with lamps up to 800 watts
  • Beam Angle: Adjustable beam angle for versatile lighting options
  • Color Temperature: Variable, typically tungsten-balanced around 3200K
  • Mounting: Usually via a yoke or stand mount
  • Control: Compatible with standard dimming systems
  • Cooling: Equipped with efficient cooling systems to prevent overheating
  • Accessories: Often comes with barn doors for light control and diffusion options"
Detail Value
Highspeed Capability _empty_
Power (W) 800
Actual Firmware