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Hasselblad bague allonge H26mm

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Hasselblad bague allonge H26mm
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The Hasselblad Extension Tube H26mm is one four different extension tubes to change the close focus range for the HC lenses. They can be used individually or in combination.

  • Shortens Minimum Focus Distance of Lens
  • Increases Magnification
  • Maintains AF and Auto Exposure Functions
  • For H-Series Cameras and HC Lenses
  • Can Use with Other Tubes/1.7x Converter
Detail Value
Focusmode _empty_
Filter Diameter (mm)
Imagestabilizer _empty_
Min. Focal Length (mm)
Built in Shutter _empty_
Max. Focal Length (mm)
Lenstype Closeupadapter
Camera Mount HC
Lens Mount HC