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Groupe électrogène Honda 3kW 30is new - 5,8L / Powergenerator

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Groupe électrogène Honda 3kW 30is new - 5,8L / Powergenerator
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The power unit Honda 3kW 3.0is new / 5.8 litre is the newer version of the Honda 3kW 3.0is / 13 litre. It can be easily moved by one person thanks to the reduced weight and the integrated bracket. Unfortunately, the Honda 3kW new has no electric start, but will start immediately by pulling the start cable. Whether iron, hair dryer or coffee machine - no problem for the 3KW generator. Thanks to its encapsulated design, the generator is relatively quiet in operation and if you park it away from the set and use an extension, it can run for a day without any problems. Suitable for all classic consumers up to 3000W. If you want to use flashes, close a Profoto Progas2 between Honda generator and the flash generator. You can connect 2 identical generators together and get a 32Ah blue outlet to operate an Arri M40.

Detail Value
Max. Output (W) 3000
Output Schuko
Type of Powersupply Petrol Generator

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