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Cartoni / Panther C100/2 Videotripod

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Cartoni / Panther C100/2  Videotripod
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The Cartoni /Panther C100/2 Videotripod is a two-level camera tripod that can be extended to a maximum of 156cm. The Cartoni is very stable and has a 100mm half-shell as a holder. We usually rent it together with the Cartoni Focus HD Videohead (max 12kg). Accordingly, the maximum load for the system is about 12kg.

Detail Value
Max. Payload (KG) 12
Weight (KG) 8
Type of Tripod Videotripod
Center Column no
Max. Height (cm) 156
Tripodmaterial Aluminium
Suggested Usage Video
Mounttype 100mm
Suggested Use Video
Type of Head fluidhead