How can I extend the working time of the Macbook on location?

With Hyper Juice external batteries you can power your MacBook / MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to extend the working time.

Why is it a good idea to use an iWorkCase for a Macbook on location?

The iWorkCase is the first digital on location workstation for MacBook Pro`s. It was developed to establish a fast, secure and comfortable digital workflow at the set.

I need a digital operator for my next project, can you help me?

Check out our creative list of the city you are going to and contact the listed people there. The crewmembers listed are not working for 711rent but we would recommend them due to the jobs we have done with them already.

Do you have any further questions?

For any question you're welcome to call one of our Outlets or visit us to check out the kind of equipment you need. All shops are pleased to show you the set up and operation.