Tripode Combi-Boom Manfrotto 420B (0,9-2kg)

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Tripode Combi-Boom Manfrotto 420B (0,9-2kg)
15,00 €
Precio por día (IVA no Incluido).

Un trípode Master que ofrece la posibilidad de funcionar con una jirafa. Incluye un saco de arena como contrapeso.

  • Adjustable as a light or boom stand, giving set up flexibility
  • Simple press lever makes it quick for you to adapt to a boom
  • Includes a sandbag to keep your photography work stable
  • Double-braced leg so your combi-boom stand is safe and sturdy
  • Reversible spigot as an extra attachment for your accessories
Detail Value
max Height (m) 1,91
Mounting Type 16mm Spigot
Max.Payload (KG) 2

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