Broncolor Grafit A2 1600J simétrico/asimétrico

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Broncolor Grafit A2 1600J simétrico/asimétrico
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Microprocessor-controlled generator (1600 J) with 3 lamp connections, stabilized color temperature on 2 main connections, variable power distribution (asymmetrical / symmetrical), control range 6.7 apertures for main connections, 4 apertures for secondary connection in 1/10 or 1/3 aperture steps, Display in aperture values ​​and joules, joules switchable in percent, fully illuminated control panel and LCD display, flash duration selectable via main connections, short exposure can be set, CTC technology (Color Temperature Control) for constant or specifically changeable color temperature with broncolor FCC (Flash Color Chronoscope) , proportional modeling light in the entire power range. Additional functions: flash series, trigger delay, selectable flash duration, slow charge, ping-pong triggering, stroboscopic effects with one or more generators, choice of 2 infrared channels, etc., user-friendly, menu-controlled functions, menu text available in multiple languages ​​(German, English , French, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, Indonesian). Built-in RFS interface (Radio Frequency System) for remote control or flash triggering of the device via radio from the RFS transmitter, as well as via transceiver RFS from a PC or Macintosh computer. When operated via the screen, 4 memory locations are available for lighting situations.

Detail Value
Built in Radioremote No
Shortest Flashduration (@t0,5 in 1/sec) 10000
Batteryoperation No
Min. Lightoutput (WS)
Max. Lightoutput (WS) 1600
Recycletime (shortest) 0,03
Recycletime (@100%) 1,3
Actual Firmware Version --
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