Zeiss CP.3 
35mm/T2.1 EF

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Zeiss CP.3 
35mm/T2.1 EF
80,00 €
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All our Zeiss CP.3 lenses are characterized by an excellent optical performance and a design adapted to the professional film workflow. All except the 100 and 135 mm lenses have the same outer dimensions and position of the gear rims (0.8) as well as a forn lens diameter of 95mm. The Zeiss CP.3 35mm/T2.1 EF is a light wide angle lens of the Cp.3 series. Besides this version on PL, we also offer the complete CP.3 ready adapted on PL-mount. If you want to use the lenses on Sony E-mount systems we recommend our Vocas PL to E adapter. If you want to use the Cp.3 lenses on Canon R systems like our Canon C70 or the Canon R5, we offer an adapter from PL to Canon R-mount.

Detail Value
Focusmode Manualfocus
Filter diameter (mm) 95
Imagestabilizer No
Aperture 2,1
Focal length (mm) 35
Closest Focuspoint (m) 0,3
Built in Shutter
Focal length END (mm) 35
Lenstype Cineprime
Lensmount EF/Canon
Changable Mount PL and EF Version
Lens Coverage Full-Frame