Wattsun Powerdock 2000W Single Set

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Wattsun Powerdock 2000W Single Set
Wattsun Powerdock 2000W Single Set
Wattsun Powerdock 2000W Single Set
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Our Wattsun Powerdock 2000W is a power supply for lighting, styling, and production equipment. The system consists of a dock with built-in batteries and an inverter with a capacity of 1400Wh. The dock needs 4.5 hours for a 100% charge. Optionally, we offer additional power packs that extend the capacity of the dock by 1600WH each. You can use up to 4 packs on one dock and the theoretical maximum capacity then increases to 7800Wh. Power is supplied via a built-in Schuko socket on the unit. The environmentally friendly and quiet power system is ideal for powering our LED system. All Arri Skypanels and the Orbiter run smoothly on the Wattsun Powerdock. We have achieved run times at 400W (Orbiter or Skypanel S60/S120 of up to 6 hours. Smaller HMIs or flash units can also be run off the power dock. The display on the dock provides information about the current amount of power delivered and the remaining runtime of the system. The system is designed to be simple and rugged for outdoor use. It can be carried individually by one person and is also very mobile on a small dolly/roller cart as shown in the picture. The example picture shows the use with an Arri Orbiter (not included in the set). For more information please visit https://www.wattsun.net/gebruikers/film-broadcasting Our Wattsun Power Pack is the extension to our Wattsun Dock. We also offer a Wattsun set that includes the dock and pack. We have also done a number of test runs with the standard set. Here are the results: Dock and Pack Arri S120 400W 6H Dock and Pack Arri M18 2200W 1H Dock and Pack Arri Orbiter. 400W 6H Dock and Pack Arrlite 2000W 1H 50Min

Detail Value
connections Schuko
capacity (Wh) 1400
suggested use lighting equipment
recharge time (h) 4,5
max output (W) 2000